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Government Bonds

Real Estate Funds

Venture Capital

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Stablecoin Securities

At near zero fees.

Retail & Institutional Access to Exclusive Asset Classes

Access exclusive assets only available to the ultra rich, until now.

Today, many asset classes are available only to those who can pay $10,000s in legal fees to write or review fund documentation.

BaseDEX is dis-intermediating securities trading, bringing those costs down to near zero.

Accessible to both individual and institutional users alike, evening the investment playing field.

A Tier-1, Fully Regulated Securities Exchange

We are in the application process for a regulated securities exchange license that allows for trading and settlement on a blockchain.

The first license of its kind, enabling real protection for digital asset securities globally.

We have been working with regulators on a blockchain-based securities exchange license in tier-1 regulatory jurisdictions since 2018.

The license application is pending approval. We anticipate a regulatory decision in 2024.

Near Zero Fees &
Near Zero Risk

Counterparty risk is expensive. You either pay to mitigate with intermediaries, or bear maximum liability. BaseDEX eliminates it.

BaseDEX is a fully on-chain CLOB, enabling self custody and perfect transparency.

BaseDEX enables atomic matching and settlement, so there's no risk of your trade reverting down the line.

Our technology reduces typically high processing fees to near zero.


Frequently Asked questions

Can I trade cryptocurrency on BaseDEX?

BaseDEX is a securities exchange. As cryptocurrencies are not definitively securities, they are not tradable on BaseDEX. However, ETFs are securities, as well as equity in hedge funds, and both of these assets are able to provide exposure to cryptocurrency.

How is BaseDEX able provide access to such a diverse array of assets?

BaseDEX aims to be regulated under a new securities exchange license which allows for the trading of "tokenized debt and equity in funds". As funds can hold a diverse array of underlying assets, BaseDEX is able to provide diverse access to its clients.

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