The Lowest Listing Cost in the Securities Market

BaseDEX supports issuance and admission to trading of blockchain-based securities.

In essence any Real World Asset ("RWA") class that is natively issued on the blockchain or already exist in the form of equity, debt, or a fund and has been tokenized after creation.

Debt & Bonds

Financial instruments classified as bonds.


Corporate & government bonds.

Other Securitized Debt

Other forms of securitized debt, including depositary receipts in respect of such securities, or money market instruments.

Equity & Shares

Financial instruments classified as shares.


Any transferable instrument representing equity including, without limitation, shares, depositary receipts, global depository receipts, and global depository.

Equivalent Instruments

Any other financial instrument equivalent to shares.

UCITS & Other Instruments

Financial instruments classified as units in collective investment undertakings for collective investment in transferable financial instruments.

Tokenized financial instruments

Financial instruments that are issued under the laws of jurisdictions that support tokenization.

Central register securities

Central register securities or "classic" securities (Global Notes) that are tokenized after creation.

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